Monday, April 21, 2014

Tofu and Broccoli Salad


I luuuuuv tofu. Actually, I love all soy bean products. Miso, Soy sauce, Natto (fermented soy beans), Edamame, Soy milk.....

Tofu can be eaten in so many different ways, it is wonderful. Today, I introduce "Tofu and Broccoli Salad".

When tofu is used like this and mixed with some vegetables, the dish is typically called "shira-a-eh". The texture is almost like cottage cheese.

<Cooking time>
Less than 30 mins

<Ingredients> Serves 2
- 1 pack of firm Japanese tofu
- 1 head broccoli
- 1 tbs soy sauce
- 1 tsp powdered broth ( I used powdered "dashi", but it can be replaced with powdered chicken broth or vegetable broth)
- pinch of salt (if needed)
- toasted sesame seeds

<How to make>
1) In order to remove excess moisture from the tofu, wrap the tofu in paper towel, place it in a bowl and microwave it for about 1 minute. Lightly squeeze the tofu and remove the rest of the moisture. Place it in a bowl.

2) Use a masher and mash the tofu. (If you have a mortar and pestle, that can be used instead!)

3) Steam the broccoli. Place it into the bowl of tofu.

4) Add powdered dashi, soy sauce, and salt if needed. Mix well.

5) Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds.

I sometime drizzle some good quality olive oil right before serving. It goes very well together.


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