Sunday, April 20, 2014

Introduction / はじめまして

My name is Kumi. I was born in Tokyo, raised in Amsterdam( the Netherlands). I was there til I was 18, then moved to Boston to attend college there. After college, I moved back to Tokyo, and worked as a graphic designer, art director, and digital marketing strategist for many years. But more and more, my passion for food styling and food over all grew stronger and stronger, and here I am.

In this blog, I will be sharing easy-to-make Japanese recipes, traditional as well as non-traditional.  I like to make my food low-cal and healthy, I also love using lots of veggies.

Since I lived outside of Japan for such a long time, I am also aware of what ingredients are hard to get outside of Japan. Therefore, all my recipes here will require ingredients you can easily get anywhere in most cases.

All the food photos in this blog will be stylized by me as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


Photo by Rob Piazza







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